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How to get writing inspiration

Something that most writers have dealt with at least once in their lifetime is the appearing of the infamous writer’s block. A writer’s block is a period during which the writer has no inspiration and can’t seem to start working on a new story or can’t continue working on a story in the process. I have to tell you that I’ve never had a true writer’s block, I lose inspiration now and then, but usually, I am capable of getting back in my flow quickly. For anyone who is in a writer’s block right now, or who just has trouble being inspired, I have a couple of tips.

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Start living

If you’ve been locked inside your house for weeks in a row and you’re only focussed on your writing then I can see why you’ve got yourself in a writer’s block. Most of my story ideas and inspiration, in general, come from things that happen to me in real life. As a matter of fact, at least 70% of all my stories happened to me in some form or to a friend of mine. So, I’ve you’ve got no idea what to write about, go outside and experience life, meet with friends, talk to people and gather new ideas.

Read more, listen to music and look at art

My other source of inspiration is the work of others, as the saying goes, ‘better a good copy than a bad original.’ Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you read more novels, although that is totally a good idea, you can listen to the lyrics in music, visit museums or even scroll through Tumblr. If I can create an entire novel out of one Panic! at the Disco song then you can surely find some inspiration somewhere.

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Just start writing

I don’t care what you’re going to write, as long as you get some words on paper all is good. Don’t even think about it, you don’t even have to make grammatically correct sentences. Just put your pen on the paper and start writing words. This may seem pointless but as you keep writing, you will start getting in the flow and you may actually start to write something with potential without even being aware of it. Now you could also do this on your computer, but I recommend actually using pen and paper, this way is usually better at triggering anxiety.

With all these tips I am more than certain that you will get some idea or that you will at least find the inspiration to continue working on a story. And these tips go for more than just writing. You could apply them to painting, drawing and much more. Any activity that asks you to be creative and come up with ideas can use these tips when you’ve lost your ways. So, there’s no need to wallow in your writer’s block any longer and just start!


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