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How to start your school year in the best way possible

As much as we do not want summer to be over, soon enough all of us students will be stuck in the school building once again. For me, this is an extra exciting year since I am starting my first year at the university. Although I haven’t been through that yet and I wouldn’t know how to prepare in the best way, after 6 years of secondary school I can give you a few tips on that.

Time your back-to-school shopping

There are two times that are ideal for back-to-school shopping, which one is the best depends on what you find the most important. The first option is to go back-to-school shopping in the early days of summer. This is when all the good stuff is still in stock.

Another option is to go when the year has already started. Some stuff may be gone, but the prices have probably lowered drastically. So if you’re looking for a good bargain then this is when you should do it.

See a new class as a new opportunity

Perhaps you’re starting your new school year with all your friends from previous years, which can be very comforting. On the other hand, sometimes you start the year with all these classmates you’ve never met. It can be quite daunting, I won’t lie to you.

On the other hand, you can see a new group of people as a new opportunity. Here you can be whoever you want, start fresh. And if you are scared then you should just remind yourself that everyone is just as scared as you.

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Do all the research you can do

Being prepared is half of the work, as we tend to say. If you want to avoid the possibility of looking like a fool, then know your stuff. Research new classes you’ll be taking, learn the names of your teacher’s and learn the map of your new school. All these things will make you feel a lot more secure.

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Skim your books

I know that you would like to avoid this tip as much as possible, but I am not asking you to read the books, just skim them. Sort of knowing what the first lessons will be about can be very helpful. Perhaps you find a topic that you find particularly interesting and you’ve already started doing some research.

When you follow these tips then I can assure you that you will start the school year feeling more prepared and more confident, which is the best way to start the school year. If you want to find even more tips to excel in school then you should definitely check out my ebook here!

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