How can I help you?

Blog posts and articles

To generate traffic on your website content is key. Blog posts are a great way of posting regular new content on your website and draw people to your website. Perhaps you don’t have the time or the skills to generate regular blog posts. That’s where I come in. I will write engaging and informative content  which is SEO-friendly regarding the topic of your choice. This will help you gain more traffic while not having to worry about it yourself.


Good copywriting is essential for business. If you’re not engaging your customers then you won’t make sales, no matter how many ads you create. I can do all the copywriting for you and create engaging and persuasive texts that will turn first-time readers into regular customers. Copywriting is essential for landing pages, newsletters and ads to name a few.

Website content

Website content needs to be a mix of article and copy. A website needs informative parts but eventually you’ll want to make some sales as well. I can combine these two perfectly and create an informative homepage that blends perfectly with the copy landingpage. Other kinds of pages that you”ll need are an ‘about me’ and a description of your services for example.

Ebook ghostwriting

Another bigger way of generating traffic is writing an Ebook. This could be a short ebook which will get people to sign up for your newsletter for example. This is a great way of drawing traffic to your website, but writing an Ebook is very time-consuming. Thus, I can ghostwrite such an Ebook for you.

My work

To review the writing I’ve done you can take a look on my blog. Or click on some of the links below.

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