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My favourite ways of soul-searching

Anyone who has read a couple of my last blogs can guess that I am single right now, which means that I have time to do some good soul-searching. So this is exactly what I’ve got my eyes set on. With the prospect of moving to Amsterdam and starting university fast approaching, I feel like this is a perfect time.

Maybe you’ve just become single again as well, or perhaps you’re in another transitional period of your life. Then this could be the perfect time for soul-searching for you as well.

Soul-searching is a broad concept though, and you might have no idea where to start. To help you out I’ve gathered my favourite ways of doing some soul-searching. You might just find some ideas that you’d like to try out

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I’ve mentioned journaling and personal reflection before on this blog because it is one of the most important practices I use every day. Journaling has helped me through many of my problems and helped me grow as a person.

Journaling is also great for soul-searching. It can unhelp you uncover truths about yourself and your life that you would never find in another way. Plus, it’s easy cheap and quick.

To get the most out of journaling, make it a daily practice. You can write anything you want or give yourself certain prompts to work with. One day you can write about your own personality and how you feel about this while another day you might want to write about your past relationships and examine these.

Journaling has definitely helped me dig deep into my emotions. I figured out that things I didn’t even know where bothering obviously hurt me deeply. What do you have left to uncover?

Interview your friends and family

You can figure out a lot about yourself by journaling, but not everything, some things can only be seen from the point of an outsider. Your friends and family might have ideas and insights about you that you had no idea of, but that can be very useful.

Thus, it’s time to ask your friends and family some questions that can help you figure yourself out.

Ask them about your talents, what you are like as a daughter, what you are like as a friend, what mistakes you have made etc.

Now, of course, you should never be offended by these answers, you might not always want to hear them, but it’s important that you do. So try to step out of your defense mode and just listen, just take it all in.

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Travel until you’re out of money

Of course, you shouldn’t literally use up all your money, but traveling is one of the most fun ways to try some soul-searching, especially when done alone. Coming into contact with new cultures, new ideas and new experiences can completely open up your eyes. t

You can only find who you are if you have the chance to try out different things, things outside your everyday world.

So take the trip that you’ve always wanted to take, go to see Australia, New York or Bali. Maybe you’ll find your heart with the wild tribes in Africa, or in the art scene of Berlin. There are so many things left to discover, so what are you still waiting for?

Empty the bookstore

A way of finding inspiration and new ideas that is a lot cheaper than traveling the world is reading.  Reading is the only way to travel time and become someone else temporarily.

I’d recommend you to find a bookstore and pick up some books that you would never pick up because you want to. Or you could go to the library if you want to make this way even cheaper.

Maybe you read a book about London and completely fall in love, you want to move there! Or you read non-fiction on the art of filmmaking and have found your new passion!

You never know where a book might take you, so take some try and travel inside the comfort of your own home.

Woman Reading a Book

Do all those things you always wanted to do

Okay, this may not be one way you can implement right away, but it’s an invitation for you to finally make your dreams come true.

Perhaps you always wanted to try yoga, then here is your chance to finally sign up for a class!

Or you always wanted to get a dog, then go get yourself a dog!

Nothing is impossible as long as you believe it. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s the truth. So please, try some of these things if you want to figure yourself out, it will be oh-so-rewarding.


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How to find motivation for studying

Studying is not always a lot of fun, but it does need to happen, otherwise, you’re not going to score well. So let me give you some of my personal tips that have always helped me with becoming motivated to study. They might get you behind your desk as well.

Get yourself a good playlist

There is no way I will be studying without some good music playing in the background, so this is always my first priority. The general recommendation is that you listen to instrumental or classical music, but that just doesn’t go with me. Maybe it works for you, you can definitely try. But in my eyes you don’t have to stick to instrumental music, I love to focus with some pop or rock music. It surely makes studying a lot more fun.

Black headphones with mobile smartphone

Get yourself a drink and a snack

I can’t start studying without having a cup of coffee first, but perhaps you prefer a nice cup of hot tea. Get something to drink and something to eat that you enjoy, but that is also going to help you concentrate. A Banana or dark chocolate is great for the brain, thus the perfect study snack, to name an example.

The podomoro technique

The podomoro technique is usually used for work activities, but it works just as well for studying. The trick is that you set a timer for 25 minutes, during which you study. After the timer rings you take a 5 minute break, after which you study for another 25 minutes. After four intervals you can take a longer break. This will help you get motivated because studying for 25 minutes sounds a lot less daunting than studying the rest of the day, it’s a lot easier to start. And it’s easy to keep going once you’ve started.

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Read my ebook: Excelling in high school and college; It’s not as hard as you think

Yes, this is a little shameless self-promo, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work. This ebook contains all of my best study tips which I have used to graduate high school cum laude. The ebook has all the tips that will help you rock your studying once you’ve found the motivation with these tips. And of course, motivation is also mentioned throughout the ebook. If you don’t want to spend your money before trying the ebook, then you sign up for my email list to get the first chapter of my ebook for free!


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How to thrive as a single woman

As I am currently a young single woman myself I am as much speaking from experience as I am still figuring things out myself and this article gives you a sneak peek into my own journey. So, let me give you the tips that I’ve gathered in the past time on how to thrive as a young single woman in this world.

Start a habit of self-reflection

Something that many women are inclined to do is lose themselves in a relationship, it can go as far as living your life completely for your partner. You might not even remember who you were before the relationship once it ends. This means that it’s time to get your sense of self back. A good way to start getting this back is through journaling and self-reflection. A good way to start is to buy a new beautiful journal and take 5 to 10 minutes each day for writing. You can start with writing anything you want, the activities you undertook, how you’re feeling and what your dreams are. After a couple of days, you might analyze your journal and see if there are patterns you can spot. Perhaps you find that you spend almost every day dreaming about cooking and becoming a cook, while you’ve never actually considered going to a cooking school. Now you could use the opportunity to take some cooking lessons.

By doing this often enough you’ll really be able to get your sense of self back, know who you are and know who you want to be.

Closeup Photo of Journal Book and Pencils

Spend more time with your friends

You might have neglected your friendships while being in a relationship, then this is your chance to reignite them. Having a strong group of girlfriends, and guy friends, of course, is the best way to love your single life. They are the people that can support your journey, that you can have fun with and who will always have your back. You might not have this kind of friends right now, but you sure have the time to find them! And a great way to make new friends is my next point on the list

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Try all the new things you always wanted to try

Everyone has a couple of things that they always wanted to try, like solo traveling or taking an art course. What is still holding you back from doing all these things? New experiences will help you grow as a person, find new interests, meet new people and they will also be fun. Although it might be scary to try new things, especially when you’re all by yourself, facing this fear is only going to make you stronger and more independent.

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Be a little selfish

If there’s ever a time to be selfish then it’s now, when you’re unbound and single. You are allowed to do things for the sole purpose of wanting to do them, and you don’t need to justify these things to anyone. If you want to stay home all night and binge-watch Netflix then you totally should, but if you want to go out and party till you drop then do that!

And actually, you should also be a little selfish when you are in a relationship. You and your happiness should always come first. This does seem selfish, but in fact, it’s not. You can’t make anyone else happy when you’re not happy, so make sure you do that first.

Take care of yourself

In a relationship, you are too busy with the other person to look after yourself, and during a break-up, you feel too bad to take of yourself, now is your time to shine! Get those eight hours of sleep, sign up for a gym membership (Or try any of my favorite work-outs) and try that new paleo diet. As a single woman you have the time to amp up your health and become the best version of yourself, so don’t let this chance slide.

Do you want to receive a pdf with 5 extra tips on thriving as a single woman? Sign up for the email list and receive it now!


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How to get writing inspiration

Something that most writers have dealt with at least once in their lifetime is the appearing of the infamous writer’s block. A writer’s block is a period during which the writer has no inspiration and can’t seem to start working on a new story or can’t continue working on a story in the process. I have to tell you that I’ve never had a true writer’s block, I lose inspiration now and then, but usually, I am capable of getting back in my flow quickly. For anyone who is in a writer’s block right now, or who just has trouble being inspired, I have a couple of tips.

Person Holding Black and Orange Typewriter

Start living

If you’ve been locked inside your house for weeks in a row and you’re only focussed on your writing then I can see why you’ve got yourself in a writer’s block. Most of my story ideas and inspiration, in general, come from things that happen to me in real life. As a matter of fact, at least 70% of all my stories happened to me in some form or to a friend of mine. So, I’ve you’ve got no idea what to write about, go outside and experience life, meet with friends, talk to people and gather new ideas.

Read more, listen to music and look at art

My other source of inspiration is the work of others, as the saying goes, ‘better a good copy than a bad original.’ Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you read more novels, although that is totally a good idea, you can listen to the lyrics in music, visit museums or even scroll through Tumblr. If I can create an entire novel out of one Panic! at the Disco song then you can surely find some inspiration somewhere.

art, creative, creativity

Just start writing

I don’t care what you’re going to write, as long as you get some words on paper all is good. Don’t even think about it, you don’t even have to make grammatically correct sentences. Just put your pen on the paper and start writing words. This may seem pointless but as you keep writing, you will start getting in the flow and you may actually start to write something with potential without even being aware of it. Now you could also do this on your computer, but I recommend actually using pen and paper, this way is usually better at triggering anxiety.

With all these tips I am more than certain that you will get some idea or that you will at least find the inspiration to continue working on a story. And these tips go for more than just writing. You could apply them to painting, drawing and much more. Any activity that asks you to be creative and come up with ideas can use these tips when you’ve lost your ways. So, there’s no need to wallow in your writer’s block any longer and just start!


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My favourite work-outs

Working out is something that I started doing when I was 15, and I’ve never stopped, I couldn’t stop right now even if I wanted to. It’s the best addiction you can have. This doesn’t mean that my work-outs have remained stagnant, my work-out schedule is constantly changing. Today I want to share my favourite workouts with you, so maybe you can get some inspiration from it.


I’ve always loved running, at least when you look at the big picture. There have been mornings where I would wake up at 5.30AM dreading my morning run and there have definitely been mornings where I preferred an extra hour of sleep over my run. Yet, I have never stopped running, and I dreaded the three weeks when I couldn’t run because of a foot injury. Everyone who knows even the most basic thing about working out has heard about the runner’s high, and it’s an actual thing, it’s not just a hoax made up by run-junkies. Running gives you so much energy, it’s an amazing bootie work-out and it gives you the chance to go outside. There is no better way to wake up then by going on a morning run.

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I am a fan of Cassey Ho and her own Blogilates, her workouts are the main reason that I feel so good in my own skin nowadays. Not only do her workouts change your body, they will also lift your moods and give you a better image of yourself. The videos she makes are focused on muscle-toning, which I enjoy doing very much. There is no better feeling than feeling sore in my opinion. if you want to get into toning your muscles then I would recommend her special beginner’s calendar, this is what really got my workouts on track a couple of years ago.

Pole dancing

This may not be for everyone, but I absolutely love it. This has only been a part of my work-out routine for the last couple months, but I’ve fallen in love completely. And I just want to tell you that pole dancing is not something only strippers do, it’s an actual sport that trains all the muscle groups. Yes, it can be sexy, but it doesn’t have to be. Pole dancing really helps me feel more comfortable in my body, makes me more flexible and it also makes my movements in everyday life more graceful. I would tell any woman or man that he or she has to give it a try, and yes there are men who are great at pole dancing.

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Yoga is not a workout that is going to make you sweat and burn like crazy, nonetheless yoga is an essential part of my routine. I aim to do yoga every single day, to keep my mind calm and my body flexible. My main way of doing yoga is by watching the videos from Yoga with Adriene. She is very good at explaining all the yoga moves, and she is perfect for yoga newbies, she always offers modifications for even the least flexible people. A couple years ago I was as stiff as a board, my hands never even got near my toes, now I touch them with ease. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, yoga will make you flexible. On top of this, yoga will help you cope with daily stress and any other issues that are playing in your life. Yoga has helped me move on from pain and stress when nothing else could, both emotional and physical.


Due to a lack of time, I am currently not practising kickboxing, but I would love to pick it up again in the future. Kickboxing is an amazing outlet for any negative energy that you are carrying around. Kickboxing really forces you to focus on your body and to be very careful with your movements, it’s not an easy workout, but to me, it’s a lot of fun. Which pretty much goes for all the workouts in this list. In the end that what it is all about, that you have fun.

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How I started my Freelance writing carreer and you can too!

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, but I never believed that this was a realistic goal, especially for someone my age. Luckily I turned out to be wrong and currently, at age 17, I am making more money than ever. And the truth is, it’s not as hard as you think, as long as you put in the work and the time.

So I want to tell you my story, but I especially want to show you that you too can become a freelance writer. Even if this currently sounds like an impossible task, I believe that I can change your mind

Creating a planarm, desk, hand

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am obsessed with planning, I am always planning every tiny detail, and when I was embarking on my freelance journey it was nothing different.



But I do believe that this is what got me where I am today. I created a plan on how I was going to tackle putting myself on the map as a writer.

To create this plan I took a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest articles. I figured that I would start out using a website to offer my services, which in my case was Fiverr. I also planned to take an official university English writing course to prove my abilities, and I created time in my schedule to devote to this work. When you’re creating your plan make sure to include everything you want to do starting out as a freelance writer, I would recommend building a website and setting up some social media accounts for sure.

Get yourself qualified

After I advertised my work on Fiverr I very quickly got many responses, and I believe this had to do with the fact that I had this university certificate to show for my talent. I do recommend you get something that proves your talent and skill. Do a writing course, build a portfolio or get some recommendations. Anything to show your capabilities will higher your chances of scoring some gigs.

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Develop some specializations

The best way to land jobs is by knowing a lot about certain subjects. When someone sees that you’re a specialist in fashion then they’ll turn to you sooner for a fashion article than to someone who writes about everything. Here you could also get some sort of certification, like a course in fashion article writing.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself

Many starting entrepreneurs are afraid of being annoying and talking about them too much, but don’t be! There is so much out there on the internet and people won’t know whether you’ve advertised yourself once or thrice, so just go out and do it, it’s the best way to get their attention. And if you don’t do it then people simply won’t notice your services.

Deliver quality work!

This one sounds obvious, but it’s so important to deliver quality work, especially in the beginning. When you put your heart and soul into the work you deliver then your customers will notice and rate your work well. Eventually, it will be these ratings that will make you stand out from all the other freelance writers in the field, along with your specialization of course

Following these tips will ensure your success, just trust me. If I can do it then everyone can do it! All you need to do is devote your time and put in the work, and if you do that with a clear goal in mind I believe that you can make everything work.